How To Choose A Bathroom Mirror

Considering that there are a lot of different bathroom mirrors in the market, picking out one could really get overwhelming.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

So, reading this article on how to choose a bathroom mirror is definitely a step in the right direction.

Now, the idea of this article is not to generalize and say what the best kind of mirror is. Instead, this article will help you pick the right bathroom mirror for you, specifically. Now, let’s kick things off.

Things To Keep In Mind As You Pick A Mirror

  • Your vanity mirror can be smaller than the vanity space but definitely not bigger.
  • Nothing says you can’t use a mirror that is more deccorative than functional. Mirrors are also for decoration after all.
  • Just keep an open mind. Nothing is set in stone as far as choosing a mirror goes. What you will be seeing in this article as just guidelines; do you!

Pick A Spot

Buying a bathroom mirror actually starts with picking the right spot. This would probably even influence the size of the mirror you decide to go for.

Now typically, people place the mirror right above the vanity or sink, which is definitely why a bathroom mirror is sometimes called a vanity mirror.

We are actually on board this general train because it just makes sense. Your makeup and other grooming items would probably be on here. So, having the mirror right there in front of you is efficient.

However, if you don’t have any stuff on your vanity or sink or you just want to do something different and place your mirror elsewhere, that is totally up to you. Just make sure that you know what that spot is.

Measure That Spot

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Once you’ve determined where you want your mirror, go ahead and measure that spot. This will tell you how much space you have for a mirror and could influence the size of the mirror you go with.

Do bear in mind that you are measuring both the length and breadth of the space you are envisioning. 

If you want to do the above the sink thing, consider measuring the exact length of the mirror.

It usually doesn’t look cool if the mirror is considerably larger than the sink. In fact, the idea is to have the mirror contained within the space of the sink. However, the decision is totally up to you.

As for the height of the thing, you do not want to start right at the ceiling.

So, the height should be a couple of inches shy of the ceiling down to a couple of inches shy of the sink if you want it that high.

And the reason we recommend a couple of inches shy of your vanity sink is so that the mirror will be safe from accidental splashes.

In the video below, this person provides insights on how to choose a mirror that provides you enough working space:

The Size Of The Mirror

Now, maybe in or before measuring the spot , you’ll have to make a decision as to what size of mirror you are going for.

We know we already mentioned that the spot you want to place your mirror could determine how large a mirror you end up getting. 

However, on the other hand, the size of the mirror you really want could actually determine where you place your mirror.

So, if what you have in mind is a large mirror that is basically floor-to-ceiling, you already know that above your vanity is not the spot you need. You’ll have to look for another space in your bathroom.

One last thing. In determining the height, you’ll have to factor in who is using the mirror. 

A floor-to-ceiling mirror would be OK for anybody regardless of height and/or size.

However, if you are going for a vanity mirror, consider that children or smaller adults might not be able to reach a mirror that an average sized adult would.

That said, the focus point should be the vanity itself. If the bathroom is for a small person, the vanity should be lower than normal, so the regular measurements (a few inches above the vanity) should suffice. 

However, making it ceiling high might be a waste of mirror or even wall.

Consider Accessories

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In measuring your spot, you also need to consider accessories if you’ll be using any. And the accessories we have in mind are actually those that need to be plugged in to an electric outlet.

So, if you think (know) you’ll be putting lights around your mirror, or you need to be able to do your blow drying and such right in front of your mirror, consider either positioning your mirror close to an electrical outlet in the wall or putting one close to the spot you’ve chosen.

That said, if your bathroom is not properly lit, you really want to consider putting a light or lights around your mirror. You could actually do this yourself. Just check out this article.

Choose A Style

After having picked the spot, the next important step in how to choosing a bethroom is for you to decide on the kind of mirror you are going for. And trust us when we say that there are a lot of mirror ideas for your bathroom.


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First off, you need to decide what shape of mirror you are going for. And the spot you’ve picked doesn’t really matter here. 

Any shape of mirror should be able to fit in your spot, provided it is the right size.

Most people go for a rectangular or square mirror. Circular and oval mirrors are also quite popular. 

However, you could totally do your own thing and get any geometric shape you like.

Do bear in mind, though, that the more irregular the shape of mirror you like, the less likely you’ll be able to find it on the market. You might have to get your irregular mirror custom made.

Also, if you have two sinks, consider getting two mirrors instead of one large one. This just gives your bathroom a more sophisticated look.

Most people would use the exact same kind of mirror above the two sinks. However, you could play with shapes and even size if you like.

Framed Or Frameless?

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There are a lot of mirrors that come in a frame and also a lot of mirrors that come without a frame. 

The thing about frameless mirrors is that they are a blank slate. You could basically just design them however you like or just leave them frameless.

On the other hand, if you know exactly what you want, framed mirrors are the way to go. And boy are there different kinds of frames.

If you are going for a mirror with a frame, bear in mind that you’ll also have to decide what kind of frame you want. 

Wood is probably the most common kind of frame but there are definitely others.

That said, bear in mind that framed mirrors are usually easier to hang than frameless mirrors. But to find out how to hang a frameless mirror, check out this article.

Backlit Or Regular?

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We already mentioned that a bathroom that isn’t well lit needs to have an alternative source of light. 

If you do not want to have an actually light on your mirror, you could just get one that is backlit.

Backlit bathroom mirrors are usually powered by  LED and so may need to be plugged in to light up. 

So, you already know to position this close to a wall electric outlet or position a wall electric outlet close to the mirror.

Here are some other mirror style ideas:

  • Inset Mirrors: These kinds are laid into the wall; that is, they are kinda made a part of the wall. However, for this kind, you’ll definitely be needing professional help.
  • Something else to try is putting a mirror on your medicine cabinet. The idea is to make use the mirror as some sort of door for the cabinet. And if you have a cabinet with double doors, you could either decide to put a mirror on both doors or just one. This especially works if you do not have enough wall space.
  • Also, who says you can’t use more than one mirror in your bathroom? Depending on how much space there is above your bathroom vanity, multiple mirrors could actually make the bathroom space that much batter.

The Design

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We recommend that you choose a mirror design that will tie in with the general design of your bathroom. And trust us when we say there are a lot of different designs.

Some mirrors are designed as something else, some others have a mosaic kind of frame and we are pretty sure that you could get a mirror with an action figure design.

That said, do bear in mind that the weirder the mirror design, the more difficult it might be to find it. But then again, what’s the internet for, right?

Consider Your Budget

Just like with basically everything, how much money you are willing to spare is terribly important in deciding choosing a mirror for your bathroom.

Before you go anywhere to buy a mirror for your bathroom, decide how much money you’re going to spend. And try to stick with that amount; do not allow anybody arm twist you.

Yea, we know that mirrors can add to the aesthetics of a bathroom. However, you may also have to get other things to tie in the aesthetics of your bathroom. So, consider not spending all your money on one mirror.

Now, we know that getting a mirror could be overwhelming and that could lead one to impulse buy.

However, we do think that if you consider the mirror buying process something important and consider all the factors we’ve already mentioned, you might actually be able to stick with your budget.

Finally, if you are really confident in your ability to make the right pick, you could basically buy yours anywhere. However, if you aren’t, do avoid the internet.

Go to a physical store where a professional might be able to help. And don’t forget to go with your measurements.

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